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Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance & Repairs in major factories & shopping malls etc.

Service Contracts

Service Contracts are available for commercial, industrial and household

Household Air-conditioners

It is recommended to have you air-conditioner services regularly for effective performance

Replace old outdated units

Many air-conditioners today come with the Energy Star seal letting homeowners know that they have chosen and energy-efficient appliance for their home..

Now is the time to prepare your Air-Conditioner for the summer heat with a major service

Air-conditioners available for Household, Commercial and Industrial use.

INDUSTRIAL New Installations & Servicing


► Pumps & Compressors

► Fan Motors

► Service Contracts Available

► Electrical test

Now is the time to book a major maintenance on your units.

Industrial Maintenance & Installation

To suit your needs!

Household & Commercial

A Major Service Consists off: